Tuesday April 23 , 2019
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About Company

STAC Dental Instruments has been formed with the vision to provide quality products at the optimum cost dental industry.


Mission StatementSTAC Dental will produce quality with economy for dental industry. Our focus will be to produce, develop and outsource quality dental producs and consumables and distribute them with efficiency to bring savings to dentists and dental offices. We will create new standards in customer service. The new technology and tools will be used in effective distribution and customer support to bring 100% satisfaction to our customers.

STAC Dental took over the operations of ACTS Medical in March 2010. The name STAC, all products under brand name STAC, all sites and domain names of ACTS Medical belong to STAC Dental Instruments Inc. Since taking over operations of ACTS Medical, STAC Dental is providing customer support and honouring all warranty oblications of ACTS Medical to all iits past clients.

Acts Medical was primarily engaged in development of new medical equipments through innovation and design. ACTS Medical developed the new specifications and improve the existing specifications with the overall objective to improve the performance and reduce the cost of equipment. STAC binoculor loupes, STAC LED lights, STAC tripple action diamond burs to name few.

STAC Binoculor Loupes introduced in the market in the year 2003 enjoy good reputation for its quality and ergonomic design.

STAC Dental will continue the same lagacy and will develop new products for dental industry wich will improve the quality and reduce the cost.


Watch our research and development page for latest announcements about the new products which are in pipe line.

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Canadian Quality

STAC is flagship brand name for STAC Dental Instruments Inc, Canada. Our vision is to provide 100% satisfaction to our customers. We carefully establish specifications at the time of design and development of STAC products. Specifications which meet the performance as well as style requirements of customers. In actual manufacturing process quality is checked at three stages against these specifications...

Testimonials and Feedback

Dr. Joe Castiglione
Date: Oct 05, 2009

I purchased loops from ACTS Medical over six months ago and have never looked back. The price and quality of loops is unbeatable by in the market today. I had taken a test pare of another brand name at the same to compare and found the field of view is far superior in the ACTS loops compared to the name brand "High Definition" pair. As...


Today ACTS Medical research team released a prototype of a new battery pack for its LED Headlight. The new battery pack will provide 18 hours of unintrupted power. A big reliever for Dentists and Surgeons. No need to charge your battery during work time. no need to keep a second back up battery.

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