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Privacy Policy

Your Privacy

At the ACTS Medical (actsmedical.com or stacvision.com), we believe that understanding what our customers want for products, services and information is an important part of building an interesting and useful online environment.

The ACTS Medical respects your right to privacy at all times. This includes the time you spend with us on our Web sites. Each time you come to our Web site, you may provide two levels of information about your visit:

1. Statistics collected on an aggregate basis as you browse the site, and
2. Personal information you knowingly choose to furnish.

We want you to be aware of how we handle this information.

1. Statistics about your visit
As you browse the site, ACTS Medical's computer collects information about your visit, not about you personally. We monitor statistics such as:

* How many people visit our site
* How many people return to our site
* Which pages people visit on our site
* Where people were before they came to the ACTS Medical's site.
* The number of people who leave to visit another site promoted on the ACTS Medical's site.

This information is collected on an aggregate basis. No personal information is associated with the statistics. For example, while we can determine that on a specific day the site had thousands of visitors, we do not know anything about those visitors in terms of e-mail address or any other personal data.

Different technologies are used to collect aggregate statistics. These include: cookies and web server logs. Web server logs tell which pages are more and less popular in our site and where people were before they came to the ACTS Medical's site. Cookies tell how many people visit the ACTS Medical site, how many people return to our site, and what language preferences our users have.

These statistics are used to monitor traffic so we can effectively handle site capacity. The statistics also help us determine which parts of the site are most popular. With this information we can continually improve the ACTS Medical sites to better meet the needs of our customers and prospective customers.

2. Personal Information You Choose to Share

Throughout the ACTS Medical site, you have the opportunity to send e-mails, request information, and to purchase products. If you choose to participate in any of these activities, you will be providing ACTS Medical with some type of personal information about yourself.

In terms of personal information on the ACTS Medical site, you can be assured that:

* ACTS Medical does not collect personal information from you unless you provide it to us.
* If you do choose to provide us with personal information, ACTS Medical uses it only for the purpose specified.

For example, when you order from the ACTS Medical you give us your name, address, e-mail address and credit card number - all of which are necessary for purchase and delivery. To protect our customers we use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt information you send us. The ACTS Medical does not use this information for any other purpose. Nor do we sell, rent or give this information to any other entity.


We do not use our Web sites to knowingly solicit data from or market to children under the age of 13.

Customer Service Department

Information you send to our Customer Service department is used only to help resolve your problem and is otherwise kept completely private.


This policy does not apply to the practices of companies that the ACTS Medical does not own or control or to people that the ACTS Medical does not employ or manage. 

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Canadian Quality

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Testimonials and Feedback

dr.Mordey Shuhendler
Date: Dec 23, 2008

Dear Joe,
As you know, I have recently had the opportunity to purchase a STAC Loupe from your company.These loupes have enabled me to treat my patients with the precision required in today's treatment modalities while providing me with the comfort of a light weight loupe. Furthermore I was delighted with the competitive cost of t...


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