Thursday March 21 , 2019
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We at ACTS Medical regularly participate in various Exhibitions and trade shows with our latest product range. These trade shows are a great place to get hands on experience and a feel of STAC products.

Click Trade Shows to find more detail about our next exhibition participation.

We also conduct special informative lectures on importance of megnification in dentistry and surgical fields for dental/surgical students and hygienists. Please contact us in you are interested in organizing such lectures in your institute or area.

We developed a special Yoga program for Dental and Surgical Professionals.

Regular seminars are conducted on Yoga for dentists, surgeons and hygienists.

Click Seminar to find out more about our next Yoga Seminar.

To find out more about Yoga Program and or organizing a yoga seminar in your area, please contact us.


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Canadian Quality

STAC is flagship brand name for STAC Dental Instruments Inc, Canada. Our vision is to provide 100% satisfaction to our customers. We carefully establish specifications at the time of design and development of STAC products. Specifications which meet the performance as well as style requirements of customers. In actual manufacturing process quality is checked at three stages against these specifications...

Testimonials and Feedback

dr.Mordey Shuhendler
Date: Dec 23, 2008

Dear Joe,
As you know, I have recently had the opportunity to purchase a STAC Loupe from your company.These loupes have enabled me to treat my patients with the precision required in today's treatment modalities while providing me with the comfort of a light weight loupe. Furthermore I was delighted with the competitive cost of t...


Today ACTS Medical research team released a prototype of a new battery pack for its LED Headlight. The new battery pack will provide 18 hours of unintrupted power. A big reliever for Dentists and Surgeons. No need to charge your battery during work time. no need to keep a second back up battery.

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