Monday November 19 , 2018
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STAC Triple Action FG Diamond Burs

Say Goodbye to Debris and Clogging

What is the biggest problem every endodontists, periodontists or dental surgeons face while performing routine dental procedures.
Cleaning Debris from burs and from mouth
interruption due to heating up of burs

No more debris and heating problemsSTAC Triple Action FG Diamond Bur

ACTS Medical introduces a breakthrough technology in FG diamond burs.

STAC Triple Action FG Diamond Burs

STAC Triple Action Burs incorporate a unique opposite spiral channel which move collected water upward creating a fountain of water and debris allowing debris to get sucked away. Therefore making the endo/surgical procedures clean and debris free. It helps to keep burs cool, and increases the efficiency of endo/surgical procedures. One can save as much as 50% of time as compare to standard FG burs available in the market.


  • REDUCING PAIN Water through the channels, the optimal spray water can help heat decreasing when cutting reduces danger of pulp lesion and improved diamond life.
  • RAPID HEAT DISSIPATION The opposites spiral channels create a double “TURBO” spray action Rotational forces recover the watered from the surface and convey if to the working point along the grooves. This allows longer contact of the cooling spray with the instrument and a more efficient thermal exchange. The result is less tooth trauma.
  • SELF REMOVAL OF DEBRIS The opposites spiral channels create a “TURBO” flow of cooling, lubricating spray which flushes away debris and prevents clogging.
  • SHARP-EDGED (saving 50% time) The patented design Multi-cutting edge, the point of each edge has penetration power, resulting in smooth and quick cutting which saves time as much as 50% from time taken by traditional burs.

Comparative Advantage Chart STAC Triple Action FG Diamond Burs are far superior than any competition in the market

Take a look at the comparative advantage chart below.


Traditional Bur
STAC Triple Action Bur
Debris stay in diamond Debris removed with water
Friction heat increases reduces friction heat
Can not be lubricated Self lubricated with water
Only one cutting edge Multi cutting edges
Longer time to complete procedure short time to complete similar procedure
Short cutting life Long cutting life
Needs pressure to cut through Easy and smooth cut through


Comparison ChartSTAC Triple Action FG Diamond Burs with its unique multi edge technology cuts through quickly and easily resulting in great time saving in every endodontic, periodontics or dental surgery procedure.

A Laboratory study was done on the efficiency of different diamond burs. The purpose of this laboratory study was to investigate the comparative cutting efficiency of similar FG diamond burs from four manufacturers. These burs were tested utilizing custom-built equipment consisting of a frictionless air sled to which the Macor substrate was attached. The substrate was fed to the bur at constant pressure. The efficiency of each bur, defined as time taken to cut the distance of 3mm, then was calculated. Of the six bur types tested, only one was found to be markedly superior in comparable performance. Below is the results of the test to cut through Macor Substrate for 3mm distance. Four brand of burs were taken Mani Dia Burs, Japan; Shofu, Japan; Sharply, USA; STAC Triple Action, Canada. 5 similar size of burs were taken from each brand and 5 tests were performed for each size. Therefore a total of 25 tests were performed for each brand. A mean average was taken for comparison. As the chart shows, STAC Triple Action FG Diamond Brus were quickest to cut through the Macor Substrate.

STAC Diamond Burs Comparison Chart



Technical Specifications All STAC Triple Action FG Diamond Burs are CE/FDA approved and coded accordingly.


STAC Triple Action FG Diamond Burs



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Canadian Quality

STAC is flagship brand name for STAC Dental Instruments Inc, Canada. Our vision is to provide 100% satisfaction to our customers. We carefully establish specifications at the time of design and development of STAC products. Specifications which meet the performance as well as style requirements of customers. In actual manufacturing process quality is checked at three stages against these specifications...

Testimonials and Feedback

dr.Mordey Shuhendler
Date: Dec 23, 2008

Dear Joe,
As you know, I have recently had the opportunity to purchase a STAC Loupe from your company.These loupes have enabled me to treat my patients with the precision required in today's treatment modalities while providing me with the comfort of a light weight loupe. Furthermore I was delighted with the competitive cost of t...


STAC Triple Action Diamond Burs. No mpre debris and clogings. The unique design of these burs enable dentists to achieve efficiency which they never achieved before. 50% time saving. Longer Bur life. Contact us for demo.

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