Wednesday May 22 , 2019
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High Magnification Loupes

STAC high magnification (HM series) Binocular loupes or telescopes of 4.0x magnification or higher are recommended for intricate surgical and dental procedures where high magnification is necessary, for example in endodontal, vascular, neurology, and intricate orthopedic surgery. HM series loupes/telescopes have been designed to provide the largest field of view and best depth of field possible for each magnification. Please note that the field of view and depth of field will decrease as magnification increases making higher-magnification loupes more difficult to get accustomed to.

Core Features

  • Microscopic Lenses
    super achromatic lenses are used in every STAC loupe to provide you color corrected and aberration free image magnification.
  • Special Coating
    Every STAC lens gets triple layer proprietary coating to create virtually reflection free lenses. These reflection free lenses create super field and super depth of view even under low light conditions in perfect color.
  • Laser Aligned
    Every STAC loupe is laser aligned to create sharpest image at your working distance.
  • Ergonomic Design
    Every STAC Loupe model is designed and developed keeping in mind maximum comfort and minimum working environment stress and strain for dentists, hygienists and surgeons.

Other Features

  • Dust- and Water-Resistant. All STAC HM series binocular loupes are dust- and water-resistant to IP65/ IEC 60529 (2000) to ensure ease of cleaning/disinfection, and years of trouble-free use.

  • Flexibility for Precise Adjustment. STAC HM series dental and surgical loupes have independently-adjustable optics for selecting the exact inter-pupillary distance (PD). HM series loupes can be adjusted precisely for each user for optimum optical performance by means of different hinge positions.

  • Field of View at High Magnification. Advanced optical design ensures a wide field of view and a great depth of field even at high magnification, avoiding eye strain over extended periods of use.

4.0x Magnification:
4.0x magnification makes the HM series 4.0x loupes ideal for intricate surgical procedures, while still giving an excellent field of view and good depth of focus. The 420 mm working distance is best suited for applications where the user is standing up.

5.0x Magnification:
5.0x loupes provide magnification for most advanced micro surgical and dental applications yet still offer a large 60 mm field of view at x'long working distance. The 340mm working distance is ideal for applications where the user is in a sitting position.

6.0x Magnification:
Here the focus is on maximum magnification, with a 40 mm field of view. The 340 mm working distance is ideal for applications where the user is in a stable, sitting position.

Wearing Mode:

STAC Ultralight Titanium Frame

Innovative ultralight titanium frame specially designed for STAC High Magnification binocular loupes. Appealing and functional design. Available in 3 colors.


Technical Specifications


Model ST400 ST500 ST600
Power 4.0x 5.0x 6.0x
Weight 2.83 oz
2.96 oz

2.98 oz

Depth of View


Model ST400 ST500 ST600
Small 1.57in
Regular 1.57in 1.38in
Long 1.57in 1.38in 0.98in
X'long 1.57in 1.38in 0,98in


Field of View


Model ST400
1.97in 1.57in 1.57in
2.17in 1.77in 1.77in
Long 2.36in 1.97in 1.97in
X'long 2.76in 2.36in 2.17in


Working Distance to choose from


Small Regular
Extra Long
13.39in 16.54in


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Canadian Quality

STAC is flagship brand name for STAC Dental Instruments Inc, Canada. Our vision is to provide 100% satisfaction to our customers. We carefully establish specifications at the time of design and development of STAC products. Specifications which meet the performance as well as style requirements of customers. In actual manufacturing process quality is checked at three stages against these specifications...

Testimonials and Feedback

dr.Mordey Shuhendler
Date: Dec 23, 2008

Dear Joe,
As you know, I have recently had the opportunity to purchase a STAC Loupe from your company.These loupes have enabled me to treat my patients with the precision required in today's treatment modalities while providing me with the comfort of a light weight loupe. Furthermore I was delighted with the competitive cost of t...


Today ACTS Medical research team released a prototype of a new battery pack for its LED Headlight. The new battery pack will provide 18 hours of unintrupted power. A big reliever for Dentists and Surgeons. No need to charge your battery during work time. no need to keep a second back up battery.

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